✨ Vest of 90s ! ✨



Welcome to the site. These are mainly my photos from the 90’s. These are all smiling photos. Please have a look at them.



First public showing! Hey, this is “Bougainvillea” That’s it !


This place is the Sun Heart along the Sotetsu line! For us, we don’t have much to do with the name of this nearest station !



Three well-balanced men, right ?


This guitar is an ES-175-ish Japanese full acoustic that was made in Japan. My dad’s brother used to play it when he was in college. One of the magazines mentioned this series as one of the unique guitars in a famous guitarist’s collection.




せ〜の!「” ? ? ? ” 」です!   はい!正解!

Oops !I’m sorry ! What’s the name of that puppy in the middle ? the…

All together ! ” T ? – T ? – R ? ” ! Yes, sir ! Correct !





And here’s my college orchestra circle practicing. You can hear all sorts of sounds !I’m trying to find out what the members of Viola’s schedule are and decide on a date to go to Viola’s teacher’s house for a lesson. (The one with the beard in the back is our teacher.)





And here’s the show and the launch !


Perhaps one of these people is studying the white crabs that live near hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor. Because I’ve seen him on educational television.




Someone who isn’t looking at the camera !



This felt hat is, of course, Herbert Johnson. Yes, I got it at West Shinjuku. It’s part of my dad’s collection now.



Cool seniors and extras. And the culture festival !




This is our Violist crew ! I’m sure everyone is still in good health.



Training camp in Okutone !



I’m definitely learning something in this situation alone !



Well, this is my room at Dome Fuji, my lodging house.
” I bought a guitar in Ochanomizu “, or “I spent a little more time than I should have in this room! ” That’s the look on your face!
Perhaps in this room, too, I am trying to master a kind of unique piece of creative trial and error that I can’t even begin to understand.